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"What’s a baguette?"
“Why would I want more bread with my sandwich?”
“Why are you asking me what size coffee I want, just give me a cup for coffee”
“Wow you ask a lot of questions.”
“Seriously, more questions?”
“Hey, you didn’t ask me what side I want, I want chips. Make it happen”
“You never asked me if I had a membership card! Unbelievable.”
“I’d like that cinnamon roll”
“No, I wanted that! The cinnamon roll! *points to chocolate chip cookie*”
“You’re not serving breakfast? What, do all you’re eggs go bad at exactly 10:30 and you throw them out?”
“Hey pretty lady”
*stares at boobs entire order and winks when leaving*
“No salami for my Italian combo? Outrageous. What are you going to do to fix it? *glares intensely*”
“How can you be out of baguettes?! You’re Panera BREAD!”
“*basically yelling* EXCUSE ME. I WANT A MUFFIN” (I was waiting for them at the register, where, you know, they would have to pay for said muffin)
“What the fuck is this? My friend is allergic to onions and they’re on her sandwich? Are you fucking stupid? I want a refund, you should be fired! (neither had mentioned anything about allergy beforehand, barrage of inappropriate and insulting comments continued until they left, snickering.)”
“*after I had them the receipt* Oh, can I actually change my order?”
*sarcastically* “Is everyone at Panera as friendly as you are?”
“You should be nicer to your customers!” (Response to me saying “what?” quizzically after he mumbled incoherent nonsense with a toothpick in his mouth)

" I gave wrong people the right pieces of me. "
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