Vivacious Octopus

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Sometimes things happen in your life that make you afraid. They make you sad. They leave you heartbroken. They leave you feeling lost and changed forever.

Though some people believe others change - I believe that no matter what, we are always, fundamentally, the same.

Certain events can change your views, the way you treat others, and the way you see yourself. Events and people can change your perspective on life and the moments you live - but no matter what the perspective - your values and ideals that you have held dear to your heart all your life, those will not change.

Sometimes the bad things that happen to us in life can make us feel lost, and can make us feel like we no longer know who we are. Sometimes parts of us go missing inside, like it was lost in a storm, pushed to the recesses of our minds.

But those parts of us are still there; however buried they may be, they’re there. Whether it be the part of us who opens up easily, the part of us who trusts, or the part of us that is strong and unyielding, or the part of us that is loyal, the part of us that will not break a bond because of the difficulty of the task, the part of us that loves unconditionally.

Maybe everything we have ever tried to find within ourselves has been there all our lives, just waiting to grow. Maybe, people changing isn’t change, it’s just the acceptance and welcoming of a part of themselves they’ve buried. Maybe, we can be exactly who we want to be, because the things we want to be are already in us. They’re just waiting to come out. And once we find them, and can let them grow, what if that is true enlightenment? True happiness? True self?

Your mind is yours, and yours alone. Your perception of yourself and the world around you is always changing. That’s just life. But, in your life, you are the constant, and no part of you is ever truly lost.